June 2014


If you wish to sell your Inland American shares, REITCO LLC and The REIT Secondary Exchange usually can find you a buyer above $5.75 depending on the number of units you own, based on May 2013 pricing.  If you want liquidity, call us for a quote at 602-721-4730 or use our online form by clicking on the “Request A Quote” button.


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Caution Inland American Tender

Inland American owners must be very careful! Several new tenders for Inland American may be announced very soon. I expect there will be a full tender at $5.25. Inland American will recommend that you do not sell at tender prices.  I agree:

DO NOT SELL AT THESE PRICES! We can offer more!

Please check out my other sites:
www.thereitadvisor.com and www.reitsecondaryexchange.com.


Tenders for non-traded REITs are almost always presented at prices below market. The REIT management typically recommends that you reject the tender offers. You must read the Securities Exchange Commission’s warning on mini-tenders www.sec.gov/investor/pubs/minitend.htm. Because there is no easy way to sell your position, investors may not be aware of other opportunities to liquidate their units. We usually will be able to find a buyer willing to offer more than the tender price.

Over the last several years, there have been numerous mini-tenders for non-traded REITs.  In all cases we have been able to offer investors more that the tenders price.

We are not affiliated with Inland American or Inland Real Estate Group and they do not endorse this site.

Larry Cohen


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